Painting Colgate

Oil paintings of 
Colgate University
and Hamilton Scenes
Halliday Smith Studio
Fine Paintings in Oil
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All Paintings Copyright 2021 Halliday Smith Studio.  All rights reserved.
Morning Light  - Taylor Lake
Oil on linen SOLD
From the Village Green   -  
The Bookstore
Oil on canvas  SOLD
The Willow Trail  - 
Taylor Lake
Oil on canvas  SOLD
The First Nine
Oil on canvas  $1100  SOLD
Bridge to the Future  -  Oak Drive Bridge
Oil on linen  14 x 11  $500  SOLD
Colgate Inn
Oil on canvas - NOT for SALE
The Willow Path
Oil on linen  SOLD
Seven Oaks View
Oil on canvas  14 x11
Donated to Hamilton Rotary for their 2013 Golf Tournament
Fundraising Efforts
Spring's Show
Oil on canvas SOLD
Oil on canvas  
A commissioned painting. SOLD
Oil on panel
Oil on linen  14 x 11  SOLD  
Evening Splendor
Oil on panel  20 x 16 $1100  SOLD